Mitsubishi Cleansui USA
99.99% bacteria-free water fitration

Why Mitsubishi Cleansui


Why do you want to choose Mitsubishi Cleansui?


Most well known water filter brands use only activated Carbon to filter your water. But how clean does this truly leave the water that you intake?


Not very clean.


The technology behind your average household water filter hasn't been changed for many years.

Using only these common granular filtration methods can allow unwanted contaminants to trickle through the filter along with your water.

Can these invisible contaminants be controlled?


Yes. We have the answer.


Mitsubishi Cleansui delivers safe, reliable water through a unique, state of the art, filtration system.

Each filter combines the standard activated Carbon method with a Hollow Fiber Membrane that is added to the end of each filter.

What is a Hollow Fiber Membrane, and how does it benefit your water?


Mitsubishi Cleansui takes out the “invisibles”.


Mitsubishi Cleansui’s revolutionary Hollow Fiber Membrane technology removes fine, invisible particles

up to 0.2 micrometers

that are present in your water, such as bacteria, turbidity and cysts. The new filter removes 60 toxins.
See full list of removable substances


You can imagine how using an additional, more refined, filter will leave your water not only safer and cleaner (without unwanted particles), but tastier as well!