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Our Story


Our Story


Our first encounter with Sakura Girls Secondary School in Tanzania was providing support in the science education program on water purification in collaboration with Teshima Laboratory in the Faculty of Engineering Department of Materials Chemistry at Shinshu University.

In May 2018 and February 2019, we conducted water quality research and a water purification test in Tanzania. We had a chance to hear the students’ presentation on water quality research, and their passion for learning touched us. Since then, we have been looking for ways to support them long-term.

Previously, three students were sharing one textbook, and they passed it around, copying down the content in their notebook. Students were studying until the library closed. As power outages can happen anytime, they didn't spare time even for sleep, devoting their time to studying instead as long as there was light.

The national standardized exam has a practical portion, but due to the limited numbers of experimental equipment available, most students learn by observing the demonstration by an appointed student. At the exam, students have to face a practical test without prior hands-on experiences. There was a shortage of funds needed for school management.

Many children in Tanzania cannot afford to go to school regardless of genders, but in most cases, girls are the most vulnerable to gaps in education. Empowering girls through education broadens the horizons of possibility for them. What Cleansui can do is support students at Sakura Girls Secondary School who will be tomorrow’s leaders in society.

Donation of bottled water only offers a temporary solution. What we will do instead is donate part of the profits from sales of water filters to Sakura Girls Secondary School so that they receive the education necessary for leadership.

  As a part of CSR activities specific to two points listed in SDG’s 17 objectives, “Safe water” and “Gender equality”, Cleansui donates part of the profits from sales of filter cartridges to Sakura Girls Secondary School in the Arusha region of Tanzania (secondary education institution funded by Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA)).